New Experience

Well  now, let’s see what happens here.

I have just spent the last 10 minutes “customizing” my page and from what I can see , it didn’t take. Oh- Well! (sigh)

I went to the email address to verify my email address and account here and , evidently , that didn’t take either, so this is going to be interesting.

Why? I ask myself, do I want to do this? Well because I want to find out if what I am writing is of any interest to anyone other than myself.

You see, I have been living with this group of people in my head for sometime and so I decide to put it all down. I have no idea if it makes sense to anyone else; if what happens to them is of interest to any one, but me. Oddly, I am never sure what is going to happen until I start writing. Several time, the story has taken twists and turn I didn’t expect. And, it’s not like I can control what happens, what I write is their story, not mine.

I have not set out to write the great American novel. That’s already been done, a couple of times. I am just giving voice to this tribe that occupies my head.

No I don’t hear voices; well I do, but not in connection to this.  I am not crazy, my life would be considerably easier if I could claim that as an excuse; but no, I am irritatingly sane! Damn it!

With my kind of luck, no one will even see this blog and it will have been a complete waste of effort.  So, do you want to hear their story or not?

Let me know.


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